Diploma for Parents


Expected Length: 6 Months

Mode: Online

Maximum number of students per Group: 10

Fees:  £500

We start 1 course every 10nd and 20th of each month

Admission Status


This programme works with Parents' intervention at home. Parents learn how to help children and adolescents to think ethically; that is, how to be aware of, discern and infer the subjective content of their experience and their inter-subjective nature.

Parents learn specific techniques and methods that help children to gain ethical consciousness. It is about the embodiment of ethics and acting ethically. (*it is not about thinking of ethics or acting from a relativistic set of values.)

Course Overview

What is Included

  • 2 tutorials - 8 hours each
  • 1 individual class each week - 1 hour 
  • Group discussion every three weeks - 2 hours
  • Access to an E-learning Platform
  • 2 Manuals and 2 Guides for Home Activities
  • On line mentor for 5 months

Entry Requirements

To study at UEthics every participant is required to meet a set of entry requirements. It is also essential that you have the right level of Spanish or English to be successful in your application.
You need to send the following to info@uethics.org:
  • A personal statement, as to why you think this is a course for you and what you expect to gain from it.
We will inform you, as soon as your application has been accepted and you will be asked to choose your preferred course from our academic calendar. Once this is fixed, we will send you the necessary details to facilitate payment and to reserve you a place on the course.

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