CERTIFICATION in Ethical Responsibility


UEthics is one of the world’s leading certification bodies for LATAM organisations. We support clients in this region to continually improve their discernment in decision-making via our certification of ethical responsibility.


Businesses today face a wide range of risks – and opportunities. Certification of ethical responsibility enables organisations to improve performance and protect reputation by caring for their social impact. 


The world is changing fast, with emerging risks and exciting opportunities transforming the way organisations discern our social responsibility. From climate change to technological innovation and evolutions in the workplace, we take stock of the major changes facing society today.


Across all industries, achieving the highest levels of performance and compliance requires the cooperation of employees across organizations, from top to bottom, and at local and global levels. We aim at not at training people in your organizations, but at helping you to design the right training program for your organisations. You are the designer we equip you to become one. 


Certification allows organisations of all sizes and sectors to demonstrate ethical responsibility, improve ethical decision-making, reduce risk and optimize performance and sustainability.

The Process

To achieve certification, you must go through a rigorous, demanding process. At UEthics, we spare no effort in making it as seamless as possible.

  • You have to attend the 5 days workshop in the UK

  • Your organization has to choose the key person or change-maker that will study a postgraduate degree with us while carry on working for you.

  • This Key person will be the designer of the programme and the one that will make sure the programme gets implemented in your company.

  • Once this key person finishes his/her degree with us by proving impact in your organization, then you get certified. For more information go to how to Apply.

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