Diploma for Organisations in Ethical Responsibility


Expected Length: 7 Days

Location: Lancaster, UK

Maximum number of students per Group: 10

Fees:  £2,400

We run 2 courses every month​

Admission Status


UEthics welcomes students from every part of Latin America. We have a wide range of experience regarding educational differences across Hispanic countries. We offer a high-calibre programme that focuses on three main areas:
A) How Latin American companies and entrepreneurs interact and respond to specific conditions in order to be successful in their business initiatives. How interactions between key figures and institutions shape business activities and the creation of interactive entrepreneurial ecosystems.
B) How to achieve long-term success and prosperity, while being confronted with grand societal challenges such as macroeconomic volatility, environmental degradation, increasing poverty and social inequality, deficient education, migration of talent, and shortage of qualified talent.
C) How to deal with the Cross-Cultural diversity, Inclusion challenges and the evolving types of the political economy in the region, which affect organizations and employees in Latin America.
       These topics are explored on both micro and macro levels, in the light of ethical decision making. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to advance with the long-term process of designing, innovating and co-creating with us a tailor-made prototype for their organizations. The tailor-made prototype should aim at equipping everybody in their organisations to see and understand important patterns of intersubjectivity of our conditioning and ecological nature, which applied in any given context should help workers to make wise decisions.
       Then, the participant will assign a high-quality member of his team to enter into one of our master programmes from which the design of the prototype will take place.

Course Overview

What is Included

·         Accommodation for 7 days in a luxury country club, breakfast included
·       Access to a Country Golf Club in Lancaster for 5 Days
·       Trip around the Lake District Area 
·       5 Workshops
·       5 Lectures
·       4 Seminars
·       5 Tutorials
·       A mentor for 3 months
NOTE: With enough notice in advance, we can arrange your flights.

Entry Requirements

To study at UEthics every participant is required to meet a set of entry requirements. It is also essential that you have the right level of Spanish and  English to be successful in your application.
For this course, you need to be a very high profile manager and a decision-maker in your social or business organisation.
You need to send the following to info@uethics.org:
  • A personal statement, as to why you think this is a course for you or for your organisation and what you expect to gain from it.
  • A Cover Letter describing your current position and the role you play in your organisation. 
We will inform you, as soon as your application has been accepted and you will be asked to choose your preferred course from our academic calendar. Once this is fixed, we will send you the necessary details to facilitate payment and to reserve you a place on the course.

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