Our Teaching

aims at developing in students the deepest levels of comprehension by learning how to think. Our classes are not about ethics or philosophy but about thinking ethically and philosophically. Therefore students do not just learn how to use words and ideas instead they learn how to think ideas through as well as internalize their foundational meanings. They make connections between the logic of our programmes and what is significant in human life.

We Drive

students to performative ethics, which is informed by a very practical application with respect to real-world actions and their moral considerations in the areas of private and public life. Therefore we encourage students to be concerned with the psychology of attention in a manner, not focused on a pre-conceived set or theories such as; utilitarianism, deontology, normativity or virtue ethics.

We Work

to bring students together so that they can think critically about important issues, people, and places in the world. It means possessing a desire and interest to influence and change thinking, and maybe change lives. We feel especially rewarded when students are engaged, concerned and able to use the framework of our initiative to create their own prototypes for ethical development.

We Seek

to foster lifelong learning and the traditional ideal of a liberally educated mind: a mind that questions, probes, and masters a variety of forms of knowledge, through the command of itself, intellectual perseverance, and the tools of proper discernment, not for the sake of developing human intelligence but with the intention of allowing wisdom to flourish.

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